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My Progress Pictures - 26 F - 4 Months In, 2 Months To Go.

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I'm a 26 year old female and like most people here I've had bad acne since puberty and have tried everything under the sun before finally starting accutane. I'm on 30mg pills, twice a day (60mg a day).

I have two months left on "Claravis" but I wanted to post some progress pictures now because I'm really excited! I didnt notice how much better my face really got until I just looked back at my "before" pictures. Wow.

I blacked out the pictures that I was embarassed by because I dont really want them on the internet.. but you can definitely see the huge difference over the months.

I should explain that I havent been the best at keeping up with the meds.. I started it 6 months ago in March but have only taken 3 months worth (on my fourth now) because I missed two months (due to the 7-day window alloted between the blood test and actually paying for and picking up the meds.. mixed with the fact that I am severely irresponsibile when it comes to time and money management.)

So let me explain my photos:

Month 0 (March) - Starter Pictures.. my face has been like this for over a decade. Ah.

Month 1 (April) - First month completed and I can definitely see some improvements already!

Month 2 (May) - Second month completed and its already down to only a few pimples and lots of redness.

Month 3 (July) - Third month completed after I missed June completely! but my skin still showed improvement.

I missed August as well and now Im a few days in to September and my face still looks like the July pictures. Marks and a little scaring, a small pimple or two but overall Im really really happy with it. Its actually quite overwhelming to think that my troubles might be behind me before the year is over.

PS: Can anyone share advice on how to get rid of the discoloration and scars left over from the years of acne? I am thinking about trying microdermabrasion or maybe scar fading gels. Has anyone had success with "the aftermath"?

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