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Mild Or Moderate? How I Treat It?

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Hello, I have read many threads on acne.org but this is my first post. I'm 21 years old male from Asian and I have had acne since I was 15-16. It was very mild but 4 month ago (May) it was worse so I decided to treat it using Differin. After 3 months of using Differin (August), my acne has reduced but not all, and I've decided to add Dalacin T with Differin (I use Dalacin T in the morning and Differin at night, all after I wash my face with warm water). I also eat a lot of vegetables, drink plenty of water (> 2.5 liters) do not drink milk, sugar, coffee, spicy food, I go to bed before 10:30 pm and wake up at 5-5h30 am, exposed to the sun 20 '-30 'one day ... but my acne is still there. I have a few photos of my acne here. I want to ask my acne is mild or moderate? Should I continue using the Dalacin T and Differin?



My pimples redder and more severe than in the pictures
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um i think you already know the awnser to this lol but try apple cider vinegar with the mother diluted as a toner it helps rebalance the acidity in your skin wich should help to regulate oil production

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how long hv u had this healthy diet? n wht it was like before?
they say it takes time like months for acne to go away after diet changes (nt allways this is true bt most cases should?) so i think wtv u decide to do stick to ur current regimen/diet as well
ur acne is pretty mild to me n i certainly dream i could b hving skin color n texture like yours, its rly good! *_* it seems barely affected/damaged yet, ur very lucky!! and rly bcs ur texture by itself is rly good
and in the last pic, dude thts perf skin right there '.'
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