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Flaky Red Skin

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Hi. I do only apply benzoyl peroxide once a day every day for well over a month. I only experience 1 pimple now about every 10 days. And I can eat what I want to.

My experience is that i discontiniue using benzoyl peroxide if I do the regimen because its too time consuming and strict.

Im having serious issues though as my skin always hurt and is red. Because I use the BP around my mouth I will get even more red when I speak. And it looks weird when Im red around my mouth area. Applying Dans mosturizer only makes it more red. I only apply once a day for to try to reduce redness

Also I have really flaky skin that is hard to hide because the flakes are not entirely falling off my skin. Parts of the flakes are often still attache to my skin. I can use some oil and stuff to try to hide he flakes. But often the oil will make the redness more visible.

Wtf can I do? If I stop the BP i get acne around my mouth that sometimes looks like herpes. And my acne marks heals really really slow. Which will make me isolate myself. I have scars and red marks still around my mouth and BP makes it red. There is considerable disadvantages with speaking as the area around my mouth double or triple in redness. Applying or mosturizer makes it worse. Sometimes it also makes me breake out if i apply oil and thhe oil is interacting with BP skin coverage...

Anyone got suggestions? Thank you!

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Browse through the Regimen forum you just posted this in. Everyone seems to get red flaky skin on Regimen. I don't know why anyone uses it.

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You don't know? Well if it looked like u had herpes but u dont, I think u can imgaine why someone uses it

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