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Urgent Please Help With Spot On Lip Line - Pics Included

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Ok so I got what I believe to be a whitehead on my lip line back in early May, I popped it, pus came out, and it went away. Then it came back in mid June, and I did the same thing, and then back in mid July, same thing. However, ever since July, the spot didn't fade like usual, it kind of just lingered there. Whenever I stretched my lip, and looked very closely at it, I saw what I believe to be a whitehead, I think I might of not got all the pus out. So I applied BP and aha as a spot treatment for a couple of weeks, off and on, but stopped because I felt it was making it worse. Last week I tried to pop it with a needle, and failed. And again 3 or 4 days ago I tried to pop again, but only some skin came off. I haven't touched it since, and I've been putting aloe vera on it to try and cool and soothe the spot.

I asked my dentist today while getting a checkup, and she said it sounds like a cold sore and should dissipate within a few weeks or a month if I don't touch it. Has anyone experienced something like this or maybe offer their opinion because I feel like I can see pus, but I'm not sure anymore, as that could be skin growing over the wound. Also is this spot going to stick around for much longer? I'm going to college in a couple of weeks, and I have been losing sleep all this week, just wanting my lips to look normal again. My parents said to leave it alone and don't put anything on it and it will go away, do you guys agree?

Please any help, thoughts, or opinions would be greatly appreciated as I'm losing sleep each night, developing a depressed state of mind, and just overall going crazy thinking about it.

Edit: New pics-




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