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I'm Healthy But Get Moderate Acne.

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Healthy but still get acne?

So I've tried so many different methods in getting rid of my acne, I've tried strong prescription meds and topical creams and over the counter cleansers/creams. Ive even tried laser treatments. Nothing seems to work. I have a very healthy diet too (No sodas, chips, candy, over sugar foods, pastries, any junk food, etc) and eat more vegetables and fruits nowadays. My current routine is washing my face twice a day and at night using a gentle cleanser. I also shave once a week in the morning. The only thing I put on my face, which is only on for about an hour or two, is sunblock when I'm running with my cross country team. I'm a high school senior of medium build who is 6 feet tall weighing about 140 pounds if any of that matters. Ive been battling acne for approximately 3 years.

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It definitely is frustrating!! Especially when you watch every other person eat crap and treat their skin badly and have porcelain skin. I think you're going about your acne in the best way possible by eating healthy, exercising, and treating your skin gently. I had bad acne in high school for a while and it toned down as I got older, so the good news is that you still have some time to see if you'll grow out of it! That probably isn't what you want to hear, but I sure wish I'd listened to my mom back then when she told me I'd grow out of it! Instead, I used antibiotics and strong creams and made things worse. So again, I think you're doing well with the healthy lifestyle.

How severe is your acne? Have you gotten any blood tests done? Is your sunblock non-comedogenic? It might be causing problems if you're sweating with it on. Sometimes you can eat a healthy diet but may still have a sensitivity to a certain food. Those are just some things to think about.

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