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My Life Sucks So Bad And I Just Want To Express It ); Never Been Happy

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This is my first post here and I decided that I wanted to tell my story to those it may concern. Starting with the fact that I have never really felt happiness ever im serious. All my life ive been a bit depressed and just made through it, when i was a young kid i was bullied a lot and people would steal my like 1 dollar i had for candy and all my life my parents have been fighting and my father well i hate him and he is a maniac. Ive never had a father to son talk and never had my father take me anywhere nice in my life. Ive lived in a small dirty apparment my whole life and i thought it could not get worse right??

Well as i got older the social pressure is killing me, since puberty ive been developing acne and the one that like hurts and feels like my face is burning and i dont have like extreme severe much acne but i have a lot still and some cystc even and blackheads. When i was young atleast there was no social pressure but now i feel like growing older also makes everything tougher. Everybody just thinks i dont take care of my skin and that im a disgusting human being and now im just so tired and sick of it. I mean my life sucked from the beginning why did i have to get acne to make it even worse ); I have not accomplished anything in my life and i feel like the biggest looser in the world. Everyday every single damn day i feel ashamed of myself and its such a burden to live with. Its not just the acne its that combined with so many other factors and having oil drip from your face just feels so uncomfortable its such a burden.

The funny thing is ive never been a bad person ive always been kind to people and ive never ever been arrogant, i dont go around walking tough, i go around walking like the looser i am. I then decided to call out for help beyond this world and begged God and prayed everyday to just make my life worth living and that i could atleast live without the burning acne. The next day well i woke up with a new cyst. At the end of the day i just feel like why did this happen to me? why me? im a good person why do i have to go through this? Am crying while writing this so yes go ahead call me a looser and a weakling. The fact people are so mean at school and say so many bad things about me and make fun of me just to be cool );

One last thing, i know there are people without food and water suffering and people killed but i swear to god whats the point in having food and water when you have a life not worth living? I wish u all the best guys from the bottom of my heart i hope all of you be happy, just wanted to write down what i feel you know );

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Stop treating yourself like that ! You're not a loser !

Now it's time to act ! Start going to gym, start studying, do something good with your life !

You're the only one that can change something in your life (obviously) so you have to believe in you !

We all have acne problems here, but this community is so you don't feel alone with your problem.

Again, trust me, it could be worse. Be happy for what you've got and work harder for more. And soon you'll be able to "invest" in your face more.

Be strong !

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