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Blind Pimples. Full Of Them.. Best Course Of Action?

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Hi everybody, I finally found out what type of acne I currently have. I'm full of blind pimples with no heads. Do these lil fellas fade on there own or do you have to draw them out?


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I get blind pimples pretty often, they usually just stay as a red bump for a few days and then go down and disappear. Which I suppose is preferable to developing a huge head. Do you use any topicals?

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Closed Comedones are common. I had used a moisturiser I simply purchased from the shops and little did I know back then it was packed with a HUGE amount of Comedgenic ingredients. In turn left me with Closed comedones all over my forehead and side of the face (Blind pimples, which were only really noticeable in certain lights). It's been a year since I last used it, and only now are they starting to go away, due to the fact they've all eventually surfaced as pimples and gone away over this period. At this point and time, any product I apply to my face I check thoroughly online to confirm it won't cause further irritation. If I had my time over, I would have gone to a dermatologist and had them professionally extracted safetly and saved myself all that pain. All in all, comes down to how you want to treat it

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