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Hopefully This This My Path!

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This will be lengthy, sorry in advance!

I had a realisation last week, I'm 27 next month and I still get spots. I've had them since I was about 15 (that's the first time I remember wearing concealer). I do also have excessive body hair on my tummy, top and lower back, even my toes, and also on my cheeks and chin/moustache. I Googled these things (as you do!) and came back with PCOS and from there read into all hormone related topics

My acne is cheeks and chin located only, very rarely will I get a spot on my nose but it does happen, but I never get them on my forehead or even on my back, chest or anywhere else. I'm not slim, and my extra weight is around my abdomen which I read was another sign. The hair on my cheeks is soft but can get long, and I have dark brown hair too so very noticeable. The hair on my chin/moustache is more coarse, like my fiances beard hair lol! I am on the depo contraceptive injection so haven't had a period for as long as I've been on that (at least 2 years now I think) but when I was younger my periods were irregular, which is why I picked a different method of birth control. I was prevously on the pill but that made no difference to any skin/hair problems.

So I decided to take action. I have, as I'm sure everyone else has, tried pretty much everything over the counter. But I've never actually seen anyone about it. I mentioned it to my nurse who I see to get my injection and she gave me a paper and bag and told me to make an appointment to get my blood done, so I did and that was Friday morning.

She wrote on the bag that I'm to be tested for:










Testosterone level

I'm not sure what half of those mean but typical me my appointment was 30mins before work on Friday and I was so concentrating on getting there and back in time I forgot my bag, and they can't take blood without it! Luckily my doctor surgery is in the hospital so I ran down and asked the receptionist for another bag. She could only write on it a few things that were on my record so hopefully I still get tested for everything

Both my mum and dad took thyroid medication but I've never been tested. Genetically and logically I think a result for that will come back if nothing else.

Even if my results say 'you've got no thyroid problems, no pcos, hormones are fine etc etc' I will still be making an appointment with the doctor to see if there's anything he can do for the acne and the hair. I'm thinking spironoclatone I've heard good things about it, I don't care how long it takes to work I'll try anything.

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I finally got an appointment with my doctor this morning, I took my blood form that I forgot to take with me when I got my bloods done to make sure with him that I'd been tested for everything that was on there. Turns out none of the hormone ones had been done -_- and the receptionist I spoke to to get my results lied to me because they weren't all fine I have a very low thyroid level as I suspected and I now take Levothyroxine for the rest of my life

I have to go back in 6 weeks for more blood tests to see how my thyroid level is to see if the strength needs increasing/decreasing and at the same time they'll do the hormone tests that got left off last time.

I'll also be receiving a letter in a week or so to go for an ultrasound of my ovaries just to rule out PCOS.

Doctor said the Levos could help clear up my skin, don't think he mentioned anything about the hair... but I asked if it doesn't is there something else I can try and he said there is, so we'll just have to see

What a palava!

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