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Red Cheeks Problems

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Hi everyone,

I started getting acne when I was 16-17 and I had like 2,3 pimples. When I turned 18 I started to use different kind of products , and my face got so much worse. (Please if you have only 5 pimples dont do anything ) This summer I went back to my country and its really hot there, so I was breaking out a lot. Ive started using regimen 1 month ago. I only had acne on my cheeks and I dont really break out anymore maybe 2,3 pimples. But I have so many acne scarring on my cheeks and like they are red. And if I do break out its not like big pimples, its more of a whiteheads but makes my face super red. When I put make up on, my face looks horrible. Not because of acne, but because my cheeks are soooo dry and flaky. I changed my foundation and got bareminerals cuz its noncomedogenic. But every time I used it i looked much more horrible. (super bad for dry skin) I returned it and got Koh gen do aqua foundation. Its so so nice, its expensive i agree, but better than Dior, Chanel foundations that cost the same and break you out.

School already started so I keep telling everyone that I had sunburn on my cheeks haha ( it works :P ) Everyone keeps starring at my cheeks and my parents are like you should stop use any products your skin just gets worse. Everyday I hear someone saying something about my skin, because of that it feels like i only think of my skin. I bought 100 jojoba oil from Trader joes and it helped a little bit with makeup application. After a week I had a bad allergy reaction on my eyes and my cheeks are hella red right now. I stopped using bp cuz my cheeks are just burning and plus I have red eyes. I dont know if its because jojoba oil, I personally dont think so. I dont know if I should starting using bp just once a day small amount or not. I am scared I feel like whenever I do sth my face gets worse. :( It feels so nice to read this forum, I feel like only you guys understand me

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Glad that you feel like you are getting good support here in our community. It's good to be among people having issues with the exact same issue you are :)

As far as your red cheeks and your flaky skin and the red marks you are having issues with.

The red skin and flakiness you are experiencing is due to the BP drying out your skin. I suggest using more moisturizer and incorporating jojoba oil with your moisturizer. Just add a few drops into the moisturizer and mix it in the palm of your hand and apply it to your face. That should take care of the redness and flakiness.

The red marks are called hyperpigmentation. The are not scars or anything, just discoloring caused from acne. The will fade on their own in time if you don't treat them. It's important to wear SPF to avoid them from getting darker. They will hang around a whole lot longer if they are being exposed to the sun without protection. An SPF of 15 will do the trick. Make sure to buy a SPF that is non comedogenic. Neutrogena makes a really great product line called ultra sheer comes in all different levels of SPF I use the 30 SPF if I plan on spending time outdoors. If you want to help fade the hyperpigmentation you can buy acne.org AHA+ it's a chemical exfolator. It's very gentle with your skin and it's to be used with The Regimen. It will also help moisturize your skin too while will help more with the redness and the flakiness.

Hopefully this helps ya out :) glad to hear The Regimen is helping out your skin, keep with it and you should stop breaking out soon!

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