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Doe anyone else obseesively pick at the skin. Today there was a pustule on mmy nose after pcking at it I now have a huge black scab on my nose.

Is there anything you can do for this besides seeing a therapist or someone

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Yes, I do, but I have gotten much better at this lately. Some things I do that help:

-Don't look in the mirror, and if you have to, try to look in the mirror in dim lighting and with makeup or powder on.

-Don't touch your face. When you wash your face, only let a wash cloth touch it.

-Get some Nexcare acne patches and put them on big pimples that are ready to pop.

-Paint your nails or cut them really short. I actually have fake nails on right now which is helping me not pick.

-When you feel like picking, try to do something else like some stretches or something.

-Tell yourself that your skin does not deserve to be picked at. Your skin deserves to be treated gently.

-Try to do something else with your hands or wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap it when you feel like picking.

-Read books and forums about stopping picking.

-Keep a journal or log of your progress. Making a log on here is a great idea, because it can make you feel accountable.

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Great suggestions! Also

- Google Image search Dermatilomania and Acne Scars when you get the urge to pick http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Excoriation_disorder

- meditation and deep breathing, use a desktop Zen rock garden or a candle flame, look up meditation on YouTube

- wear makeup, you won't want to mess it up

- do anything that keeps your hands busy (games, puzzles, craftmaking, reading)

- drink relaxing herbal teas and drink them mindfully (be present in the moment, use your senses, clear your mind of other thoughts)

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