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Excessive Time In Sun Clears Acne

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Over the past few weeks, I've noticed whenever I'm in the sun for excessive hours, the next morning my face clears up. I'll still have the red marks, but my face is very smooth. I'm out in the sun quite often, but I don't notice a more clear face unless I'm in the sun for over 4 hours.

I'm going to schedule an appointment to see if I have a vitamin d deficiecy.

I was wondering if this happens to anyone else? And, As long as I wear enough sunscreen, will I see no harm in being out in the sun for an excessive amount?


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I too find this. But after researching it I believe its because it temporarily dries your skin and tans your skin..so red marks will fade temporarily and you won't produce oil temporarily. But sometimes it makes things worse in the long run because when your skin is overly dry your skin will eventually make up for this over the coming weeks by producing MORE oil to compensate. Making things worse.

I'm not 100% sure though.

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No its the blue light wave length light emitted diodes leds.that destroys any bacteria on and underneath the skin.the sun provides this along with other colors in the spectrum that do not affect the bacteria that cause acne more importantly you should respond well to a home blue light device.i use the clear u omnilux handhelds 4 at once. Twice a day works very well for my moderate to severe acne.they ha c enht madet h ese for several years.but you can gf et some on ebay for 49 bucks dirt cheap theyre missing just one row of lights each device 90 leds each Ok ne just 15 not funcfional.be c sreful if u get a device theure alott of ones tgat are worthless or make skin worse like trophy skin lamp etc..I know from experience.omnilux easily the best.if u purchase anything leave on area of face at least 8 minutes kills all bacteria.good luck

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