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My Acne Will Just Never Go Away

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Hi I'm 16 and have been suffering from acne since I was 15 years old. When I was 15 my acne was very bad and cystic and it started just as I started freshman year of highschool. I didn't really notice it until a week before school when some girl said something to me about it. I used to be very popular and have very pretty girlfriends, but once I got acne I became very self conscious and that all stopped. Highschool is all about meeting new people and I was too self conscious to introduce myself. I tried everything and then I finally found something by January that worked. My acne became a lot less inflamed but I was already a social hermit and hated everyday of school with a passion. I cried every night. In a few months my acne became mostly dark uneven patches all over my face with 5-10 whiteheads at a time. I lost all my friends and girls no longer talked to me really. I went to one dermatoligst and got a prescription for Solodyn I believe but it didn't work and after a couple months I started going to the best dermatoligst in my area who works with multiple celebrities. I drive into the city just to see him. He prescribed be Doxycycline, antibiotic pads, and a cream face wash. I didn't see that much results after a month but he said it had to get into my system. At this point I was severely depressed and anxious due to my acne. I started to get laser treatments and chemical peels. Once a month each. So far I have gotten 2 laser treatments and 2 chemical peels but my skin is still oily and has dark marks all over my chin, neck, and sides of my face, My "T-Zone" is oily and after about 3 weeks of my treatment usually get very congested with blackheads and small pimples. I am so sick of this nothing helps my acne. I want to become an actor and I just can't when my skin looks like this. I am depressed, I have anxiety, and I have lost hope in any treatment helping me. My family tells me my skin looks good but I know they are just trying to make me feel better. I used to have such clear skin and be very outgoing now everyday feels like torture.

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If you really want to help yourself, get on a strict whole foods paleo diet. Get some sunshine. Exercise. Avoid antibiotics. If you don't see improvement in a couple of months - yes, months, these things take time - go on a low dose course of accutane.

If you have oily skin, youre nutritionally imbalanced.

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