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When Does Teenage Acne Stop/start Fading?

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So I'm 16, turning 17 in about a month, and was wondering when my teenage acne would start diminishing? I've noticed over the past 2 months that my acne has started to fade and im left with these brown marks, but recently (3 days ago) I started breaking out again..

Anyone know when the teenage acne will stop? I am 100% sure this is hormonal, cause honestly I only started getting acne when I turned 15 (it was extremely, and i mean extremely mild. Literally 1 pimple every month or so). When I turned 16, it got a bit worst. No cysts, just a lot of pimples/breakouts. I think what made it worst was the popping.

Any answer would be appreciated :) thanks

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lmao it could go till ur 18, bt it could go till ur 20 too, then till 21 bt no its nt fuking enough yet so 23 should b it, then till 25, then some more till 27, mayb 28? nope 29 n 30 too. actually in 35 it still appear. bt well in 40 is possible too. n then 50 is just right behind corner so y nt break out once more. n yea then wtvs 60 too n idk bt i guess at 70 when ur puberty will b over u might just get clear....

right when its starting to go away n u think nightmare will b over once for all it soon comes back with more shit thn before n just..whatever...

ask ur parents. it stopped for my mom at 30 so it practically means my whole life is doomed bcs nothing rly works

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well im 25 and after years of suffering cyst acne mine is settled alot now, just left with horrible nasty ugly scars and redness here and therepost-418937-0-77391500-1409090897.jpg!


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Teenage acne ends immediately the second you turn 20. But for an actual answer, it could be any time from 20's-60's. It depends on the severity and what is causing it. For most people who don't have very bad acne, it should clear up in their 20's.

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