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Once Cleared, Came Back Kicking.

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Hey guys I'll try to make this quick! I've struggled with acne for as long as I can remember. I've been on Accutane 2 cycles and it worked great but it's back, just like the dermo said it wouldn't be! In December 2013 I left for basic training, expecting my acne to get the worst it's ever been. Turns out basic was the best thing that's ever happened for my face! I didn't have one pimple through basic. I washed my face with water once a day and that was it. Idk if it was the dry Texas weather, the healthy food, exercise or what. Fast forward to now where I'm stationed in okinawa japan (hot and humid) and my acne is reaching the worst it's ever been. Right now I'm eating really clean, exercising regulary(lifting weights may be causing some acne I'm not sure), washing my face twice a day. I never touch my face and try to be as nice to it as I can. I'm thinking about giving the regimen another try here soon. Idk what what else to do guys, thanks for listening to my story.

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I think it has everything to do with humidity in japan. If it's anything like taiwan or hong kong - staying over there in summer broke me out like crazy. For me it didn't matter how healthy I was eating my face was extremely itchy and red all over.

Once I got back to australia in the winter time it stabilised. I started taking antibiotics and that has reduced the breakouts dramatically.

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The air pollution in Japan, China, Hong Kong, all those asian countries, are REALLY bad.

Alot of people actually stay inside their homes because of how polluted the air is in those areas.

This could definitely be a contribution to your acne :(


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