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How's it going everyone?

Before I even begin this thread, I'd like to just mention that I am in no way a partner or salesman for Exposed Skin Care. My only affiliation with the company is through recently becoming a first time customer. I - like you - suffer from acne and have been a victim of being talked into buying "fast acting" and "overnight cures". Frankly, at twenty years old this is my last run at spending money on over the counter products.

Now, I have tried everything from Proactiv to Clean & Clear. These products did nothing but flare up my already sensitive skin. So for a while I resorted to natural products like honey, olive oil, and tea tree oil. While these products helped to make my skin healthier I was still experiencing consistent breakouts.

I heard about Exposed Skin Care while searching for all natural acne regimens n I was tired of smothering my face in chemicals and oils. Although Exposed isn't completely natural (uses salicylic acid), it's got plenty of natural ingredients like green tea and pumpkin seed, just to give you guys some examples. Knowing this product had some actual beneficial ingredients pulled me in, but didn't have me sold yet. I did more research and discovered that it's got a 98% success rate - which of course I became skeptical of. What really sold it for me was the 30 day clear skin money back guarantee. The company puts time and money into their product and then is willing to give you your money back if the product doesn't work? They must be very content on the results their product is capable of.

Without any further hesitation, I went ahead and ordered their base kit, which was $49.99 and came with five items; a cleanser, two serums, a toner, and an exfoliating rag. It also comes with paperwork to give you tips on how to follow the regimen and things you should do (or shouldn't do) to prevent flare ups.

So basically this is how my routine looks:





Acne Treatment Serum

Aveeno Acne Moisturizer (Not included in kit)





Clean Pore Serum

I've been following the regimen religiously for a week now, and have taken my end of week one pictures. I will be updating this every Sunday so you guys can see results.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me via this thread, private message, or asking me for my e-mail.

Thank you!

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Alright, so I started my regimen on Friday, August 15th. I've been following it religiously ever since.

A few things I'd like to note are that one, you can never expect your acne to go away overnight or even in just a week's time. It's taken me some time to digest this but I'm finally ready to move on. Also, your diet, sleep cycle, and stress management must be on point, along with proper hygiene.

Weeks one and two are really an adjustment period, so you can expect a few breakouts and some irritation as your skin adjusts and draws everything out.

One thing I was extremely happy about was the fact that this product does not dry out my skin. I usually have dry and oily skin but ever since I started my regimen my need for moisturizer has gone down and I haven't been as slick. My complexion has improved and my forehead definitely cleared up, but I have flared up along my chin.

Overall all I am quite satisfied, and trying to stay patient.

Stay tuned!





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So I'm finishing up my second week on the product, pictures are on the way. Pimples are shrinking in size and I'm still noticing a better complexion. Will keep you guys posted.

Ask some questions! I'm here to help.

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