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Alleged Boosting Effect Of L-Cysteine While On Vit B5: Ow Strong Is It ?

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I have red several threads which concern the alleged capability of lo-cysteine to make Vit B5 therapy much more effective, in particular at dose ratio of 2:1 (2 mg Vit B5 per mg of L-Cysteine).

This is supposedly due to the fact that, simplifying it a bit, the Vit B5 therapy is aimed at reinforcing Acetyl-CoA, which is made up of Vitamin B5 and L-Cysteine.

Hence taking L-Cysteine makes it more effective than taking Vit B5 alone and it also enables to avoid megadosing of the latter (which causes hair shedding), while not losing the benefit of the therapy.

The point is: did anyone figure out how strong this boosting effect is ?

I mean how much Vit B5 do I need to take while taking also L-Cysteine in order to have the same therapy strength of 10 grams per day of Vit B5 alone ?

In the past 2 months I have been following the (expensive) regimen below described without noticing any improvement so far except for reduced oiliness after dinner:

-Morning: 1000 mg Vit B5 + 500 mg L-Cysteine + 500 mg Nicotinamide + a mug peppermint tea + topical application of 1% water solution of peppermint oil

-Lunch: 1000 mg Vit B5 + 1000mg L-Cysteine + 500 m Nicotinamide

-Dinner: 1000 m Vit B5 + 1000 m L-Carnitine + topical application of 1% water solutione of peppermint oil

L-carnitine seems to have the strongest effect.

However it sems to be reducing with time.

More over I red articles according to which L-Carnitine increases expression of Androgen Receptors which makes me suspect it could worsen the situation in perspective.

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because if you megadose on Vit B5, there will be a driving force towards more AcetylCoa production and if you don't take L-Cysteine, which is needed to produce AcetylCoa, the body will "steal" it from hair production.

How much Vit B5 were you taking while on L-Cysteine ?

Which was the ratio of the 2 ?

How severe was your acne ? Did you improve ?

Thank u...

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I don't remember, sorry. But it was a midrange dose. Less cysteine than b5 for sure, if I had to guess, maybe a 1:8 ratio.

My skin improved a little bit but I stopped after a short while because it wasn't enough and I didn't want to risk side effects.

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Hi guys!

I just started using Vitamin B5 and L-Cysteine. It's only been two weeks since I started, and I started off with "low" dosage of Vitamin B5 - only 3 grams a day. Now, after two weeks, still keeping the amount quite low, I am taking 4 grams a day and I might increase the dosage if needed. I also take 1 B 50 Complex a day to prevent hair loss. I added L-Cysteine perhaps a week ago since it was supposed to boost the effect, and I didn't want to overdose Vitamin B5. How much should I take of each per day to have lasting, healthy results? I read about the 1:2 ratio, saying that, for example, if you take 6 grams of Vitamin B5 per day, you should take 3 g of L-Cysteine as well. Comments/concerns about that?

This is what I am doing now:

4 g of Vitamin B5 (4 x 500 mg twice a day)
2 g L-Cysteine (4 capsules/tablets per day, 500 mg each)
1 B-Complex capsule a day

2 Fish Oil Capsules a day

I have Zinc at home to and can add it if needed. What do you guys think? Am I on the right track? I am, however, experiencing that initial breakout right now, and it sucks. So far, I do not know if this is working or not, but I am going to give it a try!

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