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Been On Tretinoin & Doxycyline For Over A Year Bad Breakouts!

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For over a year now I've been on tretinoin cream 0.05% and doxycycline hyclate and have seen improvements several months in with very little breakouts and improvement in acne scarring. However, I'm starting to breakout more than I have before and I can't really figure out why!

I've had little change in my diet (I've been drinking a good amount of water everyday), I've applied a moisturizer (Cetaphil oil control moisturizer) and wash my face with Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser, but have tried salicylic acid face wash 0.02 as well as benzoyl peroxide 5% and taking 5 psyllium husk capsules every morning, all of which have shown little improvement.

I'm thinking about changing my prescription for the tretinoin cream to 0.1%

If I didn't go over any vital information, I will answer it. Thanks!

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You just need the doctor to switch your antibiotic. resistance to the doxycycline has developed. Acne will only get worse while still on it.dont settle for a weaker one like erythromycin ask for something different.good luck

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I would agree, your body has become resistant to the antibiotic. You can always get a different antibiotic. Be aware though. You will become resistant to all the antibiotics for acne. There are 5 different ones doctors normally prescribe for acne. A couple of those 5 are weaker than what you are on now. So they will be no use to you now. It's best to be able to control your acne without an antibiotic. Use of topicals alone would be nice. My recommendation is to get off the antibiotics and find another way to control it, either with retinoid use or BP or SA. Even a combo of these. Easier said than done to find the right topical but something your probably going to need to do anyway down the road.

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