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Bleached Eyebrows And Hair Tips - Help!

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This is my 3rd time trying the acne.org regimen. I first attempted it all the way back in 2007. I always had issues with severe dryness and not spreading the BP out enough. I tried again in 2012 and had the same problems as I did the first time. Fast forward to January 2014 when I decided to give it a final try. Because of the extreme dryness, I don't use a cleanser and only wash my face with water. This has worked out extremely well as there is no longer any irritation and only minimal dryness.

Unfortunately I am acne prone everywhere on my face. This means that I get pimples towards my scalp and on my lower forehead and temples near my eyebrows. In order for me to remain completely clear as I am right now (that feels amazing to write), I have to spread the BP so that it comes in contact with my hair and eyebrows. I have attempted to avoid my hair but in doing so, I will miss skin that needs to be treated as it is so close to my hair that it will breakout.

As a child, I had pretty light blonde hair. Over the years it has changed to a light brown shade. Unfortunately it is bleaching the tips of my hair and basically the entire upper portion and sides of my eyebrows which is bringing back that blonde color a bit but in a weird way. I have been buzzing my hair every few weeks to get the bleached hair out but I obviously can't shave off my eyebrows. Does anyone have any tips on things to put on my hair and eyebrows that will protect them from the BP? I have tried to put Aquafor on them but it gets messy.

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There's really not much you can do other than avoid the eyebrow area or put something like aquaphor or Vaseline on the eyebrows so that the bp doesn't come into contact with them.

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I have really dark hair and eyebrows and BP turns them to a delightful ginger colour. I have to dye my brows dark again and I dye my hair anyway to get rid of the 'ahem' grey bits.

I know you're a guy but dying your eyebrows will be fine and no one will ever know. You can get some brow tint from chemists (in Australia there is a product called 1000 hour brow and lash tint).

Good luck and congrats on getting clear...whats a few bleached brows compared to acne? ;)

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