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Mild To Moderate/ Cheek Acne

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Background- Hi. I am 15 and just started getting pimples during the summer, from May. I have never had pimples, even during that time of the month. And I am only getting these on the cheeks. They start off pink and end up with white center. I don't have oily skin or extremely dry skin. I live in kind of hot and humid climate and I have dandruff. When I was in India, I used to get milia but they went away during the winter My diet is good, I drink like 7-8 glasses of water and don't eat junk food but I do eat white rice every day. I also started eating carrots, spinach, grapes, apples, oranges and sesame seeds. I used to drink milk every single day ever since I was a child but stopped after I started getting these pimples. Before I had acne, my family used dove Go fresh, and this year we used a different soap( i forgot its name). I then started using lever 2000, but it seemed to be drying my skin so I stopped. Now I am just using gram flour and turmeric powder and it has been a week . I don't know if it's working. I would not be so worried if they aren't causing red marks even though I don't touch or pick them. I have a feeling it is pityrosporum folliculitis but it just might be normal pimples. My dad thinks it is some kind of rash but I don't know if he is right.

I currently have 4 small pimples with white center on the right side of my face. I also have like tiny skin colored bumps on my cheeks(ESPECIALLY MY RIGHT ONE). And two big bumps formed that look really really light pink on my right cheek. 3 more white heads with light inflammation surrounding them. One thing I noticed is that whenever I sweat or go into the sun, small pink bumps form. The rest of my face is clear.

Are these just regular pimples or something else. Should I continue eating healthy food and will it work? Do I need to see the dermatologist because it seems as if my acne is spreading?

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