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Follicular Acne, Congested Skin, Blackheads In Girls; What Can I Do?

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I wash my hair with a clarifying shampoo every other day, only use conditioner on ends, don't use sunscreen or oily moisturizers. I use Triderma oil-free moisturizer under makeup (Revlon Colorstay).

I am on Doryx, use Mario Badescu buffering lotion on cysts and salicylic acid astringent two times a day. I wash with a mild cleanser and gently exfoliate with a cloth/cold water.

And still is constantly covered with a layer of oily sebum film.

I try to be very careful but my forehead, temples, cheeks and jaw/chin are covered with blackheads, red marks with clogged pores, and cysts in areas with hair. They're either pinkish milia, flat red bumps with oil clogs in them, or blackheads. My nasolabial folds and the crease in my chin are filled with whiteheads and irritation.

What can I do? Retinoids make me purge terribly/make me crusty and I hate them. I've tried Ziana and Aczone and bone caused small, hard cysts. I know purging is normal, but....I don't know.

I bought a green clay mask. Will that make me purge?

I need something to extract/help with the the constant pussy congestion that won't make me red or invite (more) cysts.

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