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Tca Cross In London, Uk?

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I'm looking into my options to try to improve ice pick and boxcars. Seems like TCA cross is a simple and effective way to do this, since lasers like Fraxel have mixed reviews and may be of limited help for these types of scars.

I've seen some good youtube videos of doctors performing TCA Cross, along with subcision and fat grafting with may also help.

Is there any doctor in London I can consult with who has knowledge of such things?

There seems to be a few clinics in London that offer TCA cross but I assume that would be done by beauticians who don't specialise in it and I can't find any reviews for any of the clinics. Has anyone had TCA Cross in London?

I'm not sure if Dr Chu does it at the private clinic he works at (it's not mentioned on the website)? I used to see him years ago through NHS. I had n-lite there (which didn't work for me) and after that I ended up on Accutane (which pretty much cured me of acne, although it had some very nasty side effects some of which still plague me today, 8 years on).

I have been dermarollering/dermastamping every 8 or so weeks for a few years now; it hasn't given me any improvement with these types of scars.

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