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No Alcohol Warning On Accutane Or Isotretinoin

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Why is there not any warning about drinking alcohol in the iPledge program or in any of the prescription medication warnings from makers of Accutane/Isotretinoin like Claravis?

I am 48 years old and started taking Accutane 3 months ago. Recently I drank a beer, had 2 cocktails with dinner and drank lots of water over the course of 5 hours and I BLACKED OUT. While I was blacked out I left my apartment (the last place I remember being) and was found several blocks away. I woke up 6 hours later in the ER.

I was lucky no lasting damage was done to me physically or to my livelihood but this was horribly traumatic, scary and embarrassing. I was so confused until I read accounts of others having a lower tolerance to alcohol and having blackouts as well.

Now I wonder why this side affect is not mentioned anywhere in the information given to me at the pharmacy. With the fear of lawsuits regarding both defects and depression you would think this would also be part of the many warnings listed.

I love what Accutane is doing for my skin but I wish I would have known this could happen.

Most of the accounts I have read are from college kids drinking excessively. I guess not many people my age take this.

I wanted to warn others and find out if anyone else has had this experience... if for no other reason than to share with my very concerned family.

Please let me know!

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Accutane makes you dehydrated

Alcohol makes you dehydrated + lose conscious + not think think properly

Adding the two would be very dangerous and possibly deadly

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I'm 18 years old,and i'm taking Accutane. My derm warned me before starting Accutane about alcohol. She told me to drink a little bit,and if i could,nothing at all during the course.

So far,i drank alcohol two times. Two glasses of beer was my maximum. Didn't have any problem both of the times i drank.

btw: I think drinking cocktails is way dangerous on Accutane than drinking only beer. Your liver is already on a lot of pressure.

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