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"you Have A Lot Of Acne. You Should See A Derm For That." -Random Family Member

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Why is it that everyone points out your acne? I know it is on my face. I look at the mirror every morning when I wake up. The first thing I think about when I wake up is "I wonder how clear my face is today?" It literally determines what kind of a day I'll have. I don't choose to have acne. I want clear skin. I am trying so hard to get the clear skin. I've been following my acne regimen for almost 2 months now. Some days, it works fantastic. I'll have one or two active pimples. But other days I'll wake up with ten. On each cheek. It's hard to stay away from coffee. Dairy. Sugar. Exercise regularly. Drink excessive amount of water. Clean my makeup brushes every weekend. Look at the ingredients for every single product I want to put on my face. It's hard but I really do try making these life style changes. It's just so discouraging when my mom says she doesn't notice a difference. Or when my boyfriend saw me without makeup for the first time and suggested I use a better cleanser without realizing he really hurt my feelings. Or when friends with almost clear skin complain about their one small pimple in front of me. Or when family point out the zits on my face.

This topic makes me so ashamed. I can't even talk about it with people in real life. I lost all my confidence because of my skin. I am so attached to makeup because of it. People with clear skin will never understand. I am sure they have their own struggles. But not being comfortable in your own skin is definitely a huge struggle.

My question is, how do you deal with discouragement? How do you deal with not knowing how your skin will be the next day? How do you deal with that sad feeling you get when you see clusters of pimples and scars on each cheek? Please let me know. Any response would be great. Thanks.

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I have stopped caring. If they don't fully accept you just the way you are, then you should remove them out of your lives. You can do that by creating a distance between you and them.

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I went through the same phase. I think I am still going through it. Here's how I tried dealing with such people:

When they pointed out my pimples - if they had even one pimple, I pointed it out.

I stopped going to parlours or even to buy make up, because the sales people or parlour people kept on point how my skin was so horrible and their product will magically make it all better.

There were a few well wisher who genuinely cared about my skin, but their sympathies also felt like a taunt. I didn't say anything, just mumbled something and changed the conversation.

My pictures come out well. People keep comparing me in real life with my pics and say I look quite a "babe" in the pictures. well, of course I do. I photoshop the unsighly pigmentation and scars out of the pictures :P before uploading them anywhere on social media.

My parents are supportive. But I overhead them tackling questions from my relatives on my acne. I wish they didn't have to. I live in India. Here, your extended family, neighbours and et al are always meddling in your business. I just avoid them as much as I can not only because of my acne, but also because I am an introvert.

I feel weird when strangers directly look at my face and talk to me for a long time. At that time, all I can think is - this person is right now looking at all my cystic pus-filled acne.

Too much information which doesn't help you, I know. Most days I totally forget about my pimples even if it physically hurts sometimes. I remember them only when these people remind me or when i look in the mirror. Mirror i can deal with. People - are a different story.

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haha my little sister is 9 and of course a nine year old would have clear skin know at the time my acne was the only thing I was insecure about I knew if it went away I would be a stunner lol so my sister always mad fun of me for it long story short my acne is gone (= my little sister has hade a bad taste of karma (= she know has acne not extreme acne mild she also recently got braces lmao mine have been off and I have straight white teeth lol she has also gained a lot of weight so I hink people who have the odasity to criticize or point out something you cant control they will get whats coming anyway accasunaly ill point out one of her zits and shell say stop thats mean and ill say how do you think I felt when I had acne I always told her, Id say in about 3 years honey your gonna get acne your gonna get braces good luck cause you ll get what coming lol I know this all sounds terribly mean but the things she put me thru were unbearable my hole family actually made fun of me but every time they did I told them off. My sister will always have a mind set shes better then everyone else Im use to it but I have been waiting for the day she got acne shes a tru bitch the comments about my acne were everyday and I will never feel as close to my sister as I use to feel I actually realy dilike her

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I actually had a family member tell my mom recently in spanish that my face looked like a toad (you know with warts and stuff) that completely tore my self esteem down, which sucks because I had actually felt that even though I had only been on my acne treatments for about 3 weeks I was already starting to notice some difference. Now I'm feeling so insecure and I wish I didn't have to be. So I know how you feel when people point it out. I wish people didn't have to be so cruel. They don't understand that this isn't something that's easy to go away. It scars you both physically and emotionally. The only thing keeping me sane enough is my makeup. Without it I wouldn't feel good about myself at all. Try not to let things get to you. Good luck with getting your acne under control.

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I feel the same exact way.. Some days are better than others.. As of lately my face has cleared up a lot.. Just months before I had bad acne at least 10 on each cheek and some on my chin.. It causes some tension between my boyfriend and I, because I was so depressed about it.. I hated looking in the mirror and constantly thought I was ugly.. I know how you feel , you just long for clear skin. I find myself always looking and envying people with beautiful clear skin. I just want for one day to be able to not have to wear makeup and be confident in bearing my skin. It sucks but just be thankful for all the things you are blessed with.. And just focus on all the best features you do have.. I think keeping that in mind has really helped me.

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An ex-boss of mine once told me that I should go and see a doctor or try taking some vitamins for my skin. This was when it was at its worst and the comment just cut straight through me. I tried to gloss over it with a "Oh it's just going through a bad phase" comment and then sloped off to think "FUCKS SAKE!".

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Every time my my grandmother comes to visit she says "It's so strange that you still have so many zits!" even though I obviously know what's going on in my own face. She's been saying it for years and every time I just smile awkwardly and nod and wish that she would take the hint from how uncomfortable and exasperated I sound to just stop commenting on it. She still does, though, without fail, even though I've tried making it clearer and clearer that I don't want to talk about it.

My little brother teased me relentlessly throughout my teenage years and never really understood how much it hurt. He's fifteen now and still has flawless skin. Some part of me is slightly disappointed. I'm mostly glad that he doesn't have to go through it, but I feel kind of alone.

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