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How Have You Been Drinking Your Water?

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Hi guys,

I just figured out something. See, I never had problems with acne until July of last year. Kept scratching my head trying to find out what have I been doing that suddenly started giving me acne?

Attempts were made. Many attempts were made to crack this code. Tried switching body wash, shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, no soap, cold water, hot steaming water, oil cleansing method, doxycycline (worst decision), exercise, vitamins & supplements (almost $1500 worth off of amazon), strict diets, fasting, trying to eliminate different classes of food/possible allergens, basically everything except for accutane.

So what did I figure out?

The thing that changed was that I started drinking water the wrong way. In the quest for losing weight, I read how people say to drink as much water as possible and stay hydrated and all that good stuff. Well, all of it is correct and I still do that. I drink almost a gallon a day. But see, when I started getting acne, what I had been doing was I was downing it before I ate so that I would eat less. Then after I was done eating, drinking a whole lot so I would feel "fuller" and be "content" with a small meal. So now I just drink a lot of water on an empty stomach.

I've been doing this the last 10 days or so and I am getting the best skin I've had over the last year.

By the way, for me personally, soybean oil causes acne. The quickest, cheapest, and the best way to find out is taking a vitamin D3 capsule which has soybean oil in it. Don't worry, the cheapest one usually has soybean oil, so you won't knock yourself back too bad. In any case, you can return it back to the store, since clearly you would be 'dissatisfied with the product' if it gave you acne, right?

The other 3 most powerful supplement I've found out of all the ones I've searched on Amazon:

#1 @ 18$ for a 5 year supply, I think : Diatomeceous (spelling) earth - Get the food grade kind. Research orthosilic acid. Best way to put to get it is to put 3 tbsp in a gallon of water and drink that water throughout the day. Presence of an acid enhances the converstion of silica from DE (diatom. earth) to orthosilic acid. This orthosilic acid is required to make collagen. 3 tbsp a day, and you get 5 lbs for $18. I even bought one of the more expensive ones. It came in a nice plastic bucket. You can get an even cheaper one, just make sure it is FOOD GRADE. Don't get the one used for cleaning pools. I have never tried it and don't know of anyone who has tried it. But when I was researching DE, I found this warning everywhere. So I think it is fair to pass it along to you

#2 @ 35$ for 1 year supply, I think: Sodium ascorbate powder - Basically vitamin C. Take it on an empty stomach and between meals.



A monkey of my weight will eat 6-8 g of vitamin C. I weight 170 lbs.

If you have the money, you can even buy potassium ascorbate.

#3 @ 15$ for 1 year supply, I think: MSM - do your own research. Never found anything bad. If you have, please reply to this post. I take it before I go to bed. I've heard that it might cause intestinal gas. But I sleep through it, so who cares?

Other part of my routine:

Dr. Bronners peppermint soap (most refreshing soap I've ever used) 20%

Dr. Bronners tea tree oil soap 20%

40% water

Some 20 mule borax (unscented)

1 tsp MSM

Few drops of vegetable glycerin.

I use this for shampoo/conditioner/body wash/face wash.

After I get out of shower, I use 10% Bragg's ACV in water + few drops of vegetable glycerin to substitute for lotion.

Total cost for shampoo/conditioner/body wash/face wash - 50$ for 2-3 year supply.

Total $ saved - thou$$$$ands

As always, this is what has worked for me. It may, or may not work for you. If it works, you'll be set for life. If it doesn't, it won't really cost you that much.

I have a successful career and don't care one way or another in what you buy, where you buy. I like Amazon, like millions of other people do, and love their customer service. Buy it from wherever it suits you.

Hope you guys try it out and post results.

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