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Blackheads And Bha Question, Please Help !

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Hi! I need help with picking a bha product to help clear up my blackheads

Generally my skin is clear, I might get some pimples, but I do not have big issues with them. My problem are blackheads located mainly on my nose and some of my chin and forehead (although my skin on these areas is dry and not oily). I've read many things about Paula's Choice 2% bha liquid, but they don't sell it in my country and they rarely appear on ebay with international shipping.

Could you please recomment me some other toner that would have a similar effect?

I've found these ones on ebay, but I have no idea if they are ok or not :



If there's anything else I could do to get rid of blackhead, any advice is appreciated. I've tried steaming and extracting them with a special extraction tool,but they don't come out unfortunately sad.png

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Hey I use a BHA twice a day and they are great I would highly recommend. Maybe if you let us know which country you are from we could make some suggestions?

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I'm from Bulgaria (Eastern Europe). I could ask a friend from the US to buy and send me one, but I was thinking maybe there are some other alternatives. I have just found one on ebay with international shipping and I think I'm going to order it if there are so many good reviews on it. Do you use this one too?

I've also heard stridex would be good? Please guide me as I am absolutely new to this and have no idea, please excuse my ignorance :)

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Ah okay! Yeah I use the Paulas Choice 2% gel and I really love it. Smoothes out my skin and really helps with any congestion like blackheads or whiteheads and makes them a lot easier to extract and stop from re-forming.

I havent heard of stridex myself I dont think they sell it in the UK is it an American brand? And no worries we're all happy to help here!

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