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I have been to two different dermotologists neither nor has been able to solve my problem but to make matters worse is that the last MD I went to see ordered a cream that costs $300.00. I have no guarantee it will work and if it doesn't I cannot return it. He had no samples. So, I continue with this acne that dries and them just reinvents itself into a zit. Then , I take a shower and it pops and the cycle starts over. I don't know what to do

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- I would say stick to one dermatologist. Starting with a new dermatologist means that they have to re-diagnose you all over again ( Consultation fees ) to understand your current state ( for example: if your taking accutane, they have to take blood tests which cost money again, for liver function the first time) and reactions to certain medications or procedures. I also do not think that the cream you mentioned can show effects with one "bottle" of usage, they usually take a matter of months to a few years to show effects. If you plan to see the dermatologist to improve your result significantly, I would say be prepared to spend at least a thousand and a few months.

- If the zit you have dries. drops and a new pimple appear on the SAME spot, I think it means that the pore is clogged with the whitehead from the previous dried pimple so you would have to remove it. If it appears around the old pimple, it could be because the old pimple popped before drying up and spread the bacteria to the area surrounding it so allow it to dry up.

- If you can't afford dermatologists, you could monitor you activities and diet's impact on your skin which takes more time but is better in the long run. I would say:

- wash your face morning when you wake up and night before you go to bed, more if your skin is oily throughout the day.

- Your skincare routine should be face wash and moisturiser even if your skin is oily because your skin might produce more oil to adapt if it doesn't get enough. I don't use toner cause it only reduces pore size and bombarding the skin with products might be counter productive. Simple cleansers and moisturisers are enough.

- Don't sleep with your face on the pillow. It blocks the pores from breathing.

- Avoid going into the sun or apply sunscreen in the morning if you really have to.

- Don't touch your face throughout the day

- For some people, removing the following from their diet gives good results: Dairy, artificial sugars, chocolate, anything fried or with preservatives

- Keeping a good sleeping hygiene ( sleep at 1030 )

*Experience: went to a few derms before and did accutane. Spent a total of about 2k over a period of 1 year. Costs included night creams, the accutane pills, day creams, sunscreen, moisturiser, face wash. Acne went down from Mild to a zit every 2 weeks to a month.

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