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Treating Acne Dysmorphia

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So through all my insanity, anxiety, obsessiveness about my skin I am sure I suffer from BDD or acne dysmorphia...after doing soo much research online....especially on Katherine Phillips the author of the Broken Mirror...I am wondering what treatments are available for overcoming this unhealthy mental issue. I have ordered some books, but many psychiatrists want to prescribe an SRI which I am somewhat against. I am currently on Accutane but I am wondering if there is any natural supplements that could help with cognitive therapy behavior to treat BDD....anyone ...would really love some feedback on this one?

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For Spleen imbalance to help control obsessive, distorted thoughts. Sea of Qi on Ageless Herbs or a similar site. (This is also good for skin!)

I found some relief from anxiety from a version of Free and Easy Wanderer, another traditional Chinese blend for Liver imbalance (also good for skin.)

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I looked up contraindications, it looks like St. John's Wort is a no. Vitamin A, birth control, Spiranolactone, oral hydrocortisone (prednisone) are also no's. No other herbs are mentioned.

Best to print out a list of the ingredients in the formula you're looking for- you might have to Google the Mandarin or Latin names and find the common name of the herb- and ask your dermatologist. Better, see a TCM doctor.

A lot of people quit Accutane to recover from side and after effects by using TCM, or they try TCM before they try Accutane. Accutane is a Band-Aid drug, and a listed side-effect is psychosis/depression/suicide. If your primary concern is mental, Accutane probably isn't the drug for you.

However, if you skin is clear, you can't imagine a bad breakout becoming worse and fear of a breakout coming that won't happen is something you can talk yourself out of re: Power of Now (monitor your mind talking, realize its just your mind and it has nothing to do with the present moment) and meditation.

EDIT: "You should also try to minimize Tylenol and any nonessential herbal or health supplements" says an MD on RealSelf, as it puts additional stress on your liver. Stress on your liver probably contributed to your acne in the first place...

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