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Sk:in Clinic Reviews? + Hello

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Hi all,

First off would like to say what a great forum, might sound a little twisted but its comforting to know others are going through there own battles with there skin!

Background on myself/acne levels/diet ect..

Am in my mid twenties and until about a year and a half ago had never really suffered from acne, yes I had spot now and again in high school but nothing to complain about really. However…L after I turned 24 my body decided it wanted to make my life a misery. My skin got gradually worse over time, initially I thought it was due to having to shave everyday for my new job. But over time I discovered this wasn’t related really. I began to get cystic acne on the left side of my face with the occasional break out on the right. As say over time this has got worse to the point now my entire face just looks un healthy.

I have some moderate scaring and at the present time can not remember one day I haven’t had atleast one break out somewhere on my face. I have tried most over the counter products and stuck to them for a while. Some I think are working then seem to become ineffective. All this has had a very negative impact on my life tbh, although I am not vain I have always tried to take care of myself and having horrible skin (as you will know) destroys your confidence and drive to do anything. It has effected my social/work life massively, I cant count the amount of weekend I have made excuse not to see friends as I am too embarrassed to be seen. Also in terms of working life it has halted me greatly, I look quite young anyway and acne hasn’t helped. Often I attend meetings with clients and I can tell they are judging my abilities due to my appearance, so I try and make excuse around work not to get out of the office.

In terms of my diet I have dropped diary for around 6 months and drink a silly amount of water but have not seen any real benefits, I do around 6 hours of exercise a week so am doing ok on that front.

Anyway (apologies for going on) I have recently admitted defeat in beating my problem alone and booked in for a appointment at a SK:N clinic (uk based), has anyone been or used there services and have any feedback.

Thanks in advance!

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