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Acne And Masturbation Include My Picture "before/after"

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I can’t have a normal, sexually active life if I want clear skin. The reason why I breakout is when I ejaculate fluids out of my body through masturbation or intercourse (believe me, this is the problem). I am extremely confused by this, because all the other teenagers can be almost careless and do whenever they want. I was always taught that ejaculating fluids out of the body is healthy, yet after I do it, it progresses a disease on my face. Diseases aren’t healthy, from what I’ve been taught.

Why is it that medical research claims that masturbation doesn't cause acne? This is a lie, and I'm tired of hearing it. Perhaps it is such a rare condition, that nobody knows about it? I'm not entirely sure...

My skin condition has caused me to undergo into desperate measures such as dieting and stopping masturbation. I did these seperately by about a month's-time interval. The dieting didn't improve much, so after a month, I cut out masturbation for at least 2 weeks. Unbelievable. The results were Unbelievable. My acne was finally going away, and this is no coincidence. Then, I immediately started masturbating again, and my skin's condition plummeted to it's usual sequence.

When just about every teen lives a normal life, eating or doing whatever they want, I can’t. My sexual issues are confusing my girlfriend, myself, and are putting myself at risk of prostate issues. I’m tired of spending hundreds of dollars for acne products that only work for a limited time. I’m tired of spending countless hours in front of the mirror. I want to live a normal life. Wouldn’t you agree?

STOP saying that masturbation doesn't cause acne ! "For some people it does" FOOOR me and for many people.

its like an allergie or something like that. it does for some people but for some people it doesn't .

So, does anyone know who I can refer to about this problem? What about medications?

Here is the proooooooof after just 12 Hours of my last masturbation.

this happened to me every single time for about 4 Years "sometimes i break out more, much more than that, after few hours of masturbation"

So, does anyone know who I can refer to about this problem? What about medications?


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Clearly there are hormonal factors at work. Look into the hormones that are involved when you masturbate and try supplements that combat this. I don't know if having clear skin is worth your relationship and your sex life

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