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Can I Use The "treatment" Only In The Regimen If I'm Only 13 Years Old?

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HI everyone,

So I just want to know if you can use the treatment only in the regimen for 13 years old. My acne has gotten pretty bad recently. Here's a little bit of my skin background:

It was around March and April when I was in 7th grade i broke out so bad. There were giant pimples all over my cheeks but they're all gone now but i am currently dealing with scars and whiteheads all over my cheeks and forehead. And I wear makeup to cover them up but makeup won't do anything

& so i found out about Dan's regimen and I wanna try the BP only so bad and I decided last few weeks ago to joined acne.org (i still dont know how to do stuff here hehe) Anyways, I tried ordering it yesterday but I canceled it b/c i am scared that my acne will get worst and i might breakout and stuff I have picture day next week for 8th grade and i dont want to look horrible. And also btw i haven't told to my parents about this yet bc they only let me use drugstore stuff. I'm kind of scared to tell.

And I wanna use the Benzoyl Peroxide only bc i dont think my parents can afford the whole kit. But I have the cetaphil gentle cleanser so I'll just use that as a drugstore alternate. For moisturizer, I have the cetaphil moisturizing lotion (they said that you can also use it for your face as well) & clean and clear dual moisturizer. So yeah, that was all of it. I need really good advice and help. And since i'm only a newbie please go easy on me hehe

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Hi idektrisha! Dan says it's OK if you don't use his actual products as long as you still follow the steps. So yes, it's OK to use only The Regimen BP along with Cetaphil cleanser and Cetaphil lotion! Don't use the Clean & Clear dual moisturizer though, it has Salicylic acid in it. That plus BP is too much for your skin and could cause a lot of irritation. Irritation = Acne.

Remember to be really gentle with your fingers (no washcloth!) when doing all 3 steps. And make sure you wait 10-15 minutes after cleansing before you apply the BP to ensure you skin is ready to soak it all in. Then wait 10-15 minutes again before applying the lotion. You'll do great, can't wait to hear about your progress!

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