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Azelaic Acid Or Benzoyl Peroxide ?

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What would be better in conjuction with SA ?Bp or Azelaic acid?What has more antibacterial properties?

I wanted to try (again) something with AA but I dont think it would be strong enough.On the other hand, I;m afraid that BP might be too strong.What do You guys think?


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BP oxygenates the pores to kill bacteria.

Azelaic acid is mildly antibacterial and mildly anti-inflammatory.

Salicylic acid helps break up sebum in clogged pores.

It just depends what effect you are looking for.

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Thanks for response:)

I guess in my situation the best would be BP.If Aza is mildly antibacterial,then it wouldnt be much help.

Of course I used Azelaic Acid before and it was fine during the summer when my acne was pretty mild but now I think it would be too weak.Its just that I read ewerywhere how Aza is so potent and antibacterial in research but then when I read about it on forums people usually say how weak it is.And that mostly it helps with hyperpigmentation - which is true.It helps greatly.

My acne is mostly pustules (I don't know if Im using this term right as english is not my first language) - pimples with a white head.So I think Bp works best for them?

I have a couple of black heads too so I figured SA would help with that?

I tried retinoids before (topical tretinoin,isotretinoin,tazorac,adapalene) and they were so much help but my skin is so sensitive these days that I have to search for alternatives.

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