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Confused About Products/regime

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As this is my first post i'll just say hello to everybody and that I think it's great that this community exists! :)

I was wondering if anybody could offer me some advice on which products I should be looking to purchase and use for my particular acne issues... that is assuming that it is classed as acne?

To try and keep it short, over the past few years I have been getting what looks like cystic acne on my neck, it very very rarely appears above my jawline or below my neck, it seems to be contained to only my neck area.

As far as appearance goes I have multiple red raised bumps, some are shiny and some are flush/flat with my skin, but there is a redish mark there, i'm not sure if this is irritation or a scar/mark from a previous bump.

I also had a couple of cysts behind the lower part of my ear, they usual go away after a few weeks.

I have been to the doctors multiple times and all 3 GP's have diagnosed it as some form of staph/sycosis barbae, i've been told they don't think it is 'cystic acne'.

I was prescribed doxycycline for 6 months which did a good job of clearing it up, I was just left with a few red small scars and one or two of the larger bumps stayed visible.

After stopping the doxycycline the spots seem to be slowly coming back again and i'm not sure how to tackle them.

There are more on one side of my neck, so it does seem to be localized.

Currently my routine is as follows:

Get up, shower with hot water on my face/neck , cover in clearasil Ultra for 1 minute, then wash off.

Pat dry

Use Nivea for Men rehydrating moisturiser

Then after work I wash my face just with hot water and pat dry

Before bed I wash again, and use 1 minute of clearasil Ultra and then pat dry and change my pillow case.

I have not wet shaved for about 4 months either, I use an electric trimmer which leaves about 1-2mm of hair, I wanted to eliminate ingrowing hairs in case this was the cause.

I am at a complete loss as to why this is happening, or what I should be trying to stop it. Obviously I can take doxycycline but I don't feel this is the best solution.

Am i correct in thinking that these spots would be caused by clogged pores? Or bacteria getting trapped? In which case I should be able to alter my routine to try and stop the pores getting clogged?

I'm not sure which products I should be using... water based moisturizer, when? how much? Which chemicals should my face wash contain? Should I be using a flannel?

I read mixed advice across the Internet and I am now utterly confused i'm afraid!

If anybody could offer some advice/ideas I would be very grateful!



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