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Hi guys,

So I've had clear skin my whole life. At the age of 23, I started developing a few blackheads around my nose. I went in for a facial to get them extracted, and it was literally the worst decision of my life. The facialist was too harsh on my face and left tons of scarring from the extractions, and after the facial, I broke out with tiny little bumps on my right cheek. I went to the dermatologist and she prescribed me a 10% glycolic lotion for the bumps and scarring, however, this just made everything worse. I used the lotion for a month, and by the end of the month, my entire face was covered in under the skin bumps. Some of the bumps then started to become inflamed and took around 3 weeks to go away. Everytime I got a pimple, it left a scar. This lead to my cheeks being covered in scars. I didn't have one scar on my face prior to all this happening. Now, I'm confused as to what's going on with my skin. I discontinued the glycolic lotion hoping that would be the remedy for my skin to restore back to how it was. However, it's been three weeks since discontinuing it, but I still have under the skin bumps all over my face, especially my cheeks. Some of them get inflamed, but most of them are just under the skin and look terrible in light. It's like every single pore on my face is clogged with hardened sebum. I do not know what is causing all this. I have even went and got hormone tested for DHEA sulfate and Testosterone, but everything came back normal. Does anyone know any possible remedies to this or has anyone ever experienced something similar? My skin has never looked worst in my life :(

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