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Been off accutane for over two years and still one of the best decisions of my life.

I still have scars and break out once in a while but I have been extremely satisfied

I can finally look at my face without a smidge of makeup and smile.

None of these pictures have any kind of makeup / filters.

If anyone has questions , feel free to message me!fjuiSmX.jpg

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Hello! Beautiful! I am on accutane and I started May 2nd, and will be done at the end of Oct. (Decided to do the 6 month course). My question is what was your dosage each month? And did you get to your cumulative dosage? I am female, 27, and had extremely oily skin. I had persistent moderate acne which would leave scarring. . So far the worst side effects have been dry lips (obviously lol) and really dry eyes which is super annoying with contacts. But I did not get the IB which I was thankful for. Anyways so far I'm so happy that I decided to do this. After years of topical s, and antibiotics I knew I needed to get on accutane. Thanks again for sharing!!


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Hi Jess!! YAYY! I'm so glad you took the initiative for Accutane! I completely get you! I was 22 when I started and I felt like I was too old to be dealing with this now. I'm twenty four now and I am so happy!! I was on 40mg twice a day from day 1. Therefore 80 mg per day which was intense. My course lasted 5 months and I've been well since! Obviously I have a few blemishes here and there but I can't express how much this changed mylife!

I also had extremely oily skin on my T zone and couldn't even deal with looking at myself in the mirror!

I still have a little bit of scarring but I am completely fine with it and comfortable with looking at myself again!

I had intense joint pain for a couple of hours every night, dry lips but it was all worth it.

You can message me if you have any more questions :)

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You & your skin look totally beautiful! I loved my skin post Accutane! It went to hell when I fell pregnant with my son 4 years ago though & its not cleared up since, its still not as bad as it was pre-accutane though :) xx

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