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Amcv Has Returned....so Upset....help Please

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Hi....I can't believe it's happening again....

After my accutane course 4 years ago I started developin scars over my face, lines, circles and indents. Daily they would appear.

Many other people on the boards were or had experienced this.

My derm couldn't give me answers and I was scared. He would not diagnose anything or do any tests.

Over the following months the scars stopped forming and over time a lot of them filled in and looked much better. No reason, no explanation.

Now 4 years later my acne flared up and I started using bp and aha and taking b5 and vitamin A.

Literally in the last week the scars have started returning.

I've stopped using all chemicals on my face and I've stopped all supplements.

I went to see a derm and he was useless. Completely useless. Couldn't help and didn't want to. Tried to give me accutane again which I refused and said that scar treatments don't work and would be pointless trying.

I'm so worried right now.

I feel suicidal. I have 2 beautiful children and I'm trying to focus on them but it's hard.

Help me. Please.

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Have you been sleeping well? Have you lost a lot of weight quickly? When we age, we start to lost the subcutaenous fat that plumps up scars. I don't know how intensive your scarring is, but a consultation with a medical esthetician might be a step in the right direction toward treatment such as Coolaser or a deep peel.

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So sorry that you're going through this. If you have active acne then it is pointless to address the scars until it clears up. I suggest you also talk to someone about how you feel - i let my feelings of hopelessness get out of control and almost lost my life in the process. Your children NEED you and they don't care what you look like. With that said, what else have you tried to treat your acne?



Hormonal Means

I totally understand you not wanting to do accutane again.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers

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I have lost weight due to having an over active thyroid after pregnancy which has now resolved. I try to sleep well but honestly don't know how sleep deprivation could cause scars. My acne isn't that bad. Haven't had an active spot in 2 weeks. Was using BP but have stopped now.

The derm had nothing to say and as I was reluctant to go on accutane again prescribed me limecycline and epiduo which I won't be using as I'm worried what it will do to scars.

Just don't understand....why me?

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please think of your children,not your acne . Do you have any friends or family that you can talk to? I joined acne.org as my son is suffering emotionally with acne and I can't bear to see his pain ,I have found reading these forums so supportive

My son has been prescribed lymecycline and epiduo - it hasn't been easy for him but 8 weeks in it appears to be working fingers crossed! I think it is helping with scars too

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Well I've just written my goodbye note.. I'm In such a bad place mentally....I can't go on

Dont do that, message me and we can talk, I know how you feel. I am currently on my 3rd Accutane course(trust me I tried everything else, nothing worked) and I feel the same thing about scars(avoiding mirrors, prefer to not meet people, even family members). Sometimes I feel I want to give up also, my only hope for scars is that I stay on the course and after im done with my 3rd course of Accutane I will do more treatments, I did some lasers before my 3rd Accutane and they did help somewhat. My real hope is that in the future there will be some advances in scar treatments. I mean who would have thought 20 years ago that we will have all the tech we have today?

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Weight loss will definitely make scars look so much worse...when I lost 10lbs I could hardly recognize myself, scars looked much deeper. I have since gained close to 20lbs and my scars and skin look better. There's options to consider, please don't think it's hopeless.

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Welshy, long time poster here, havent posted in a while, but I was one of those who experimented long ago with dermarolling, fish oil, demodex treatments etc, and saw your post and wanted to connect with you regarding what sounds like spontaneous scarring (which I had a serious bout with, you can check my old posts), to over simplify, it was triggered by chemicals which were converting to hydroquione on my skin, causing it to thin and scar spontaneously (on top of scarring from my late teens triggered by Accutane).

Please do not do anything harsh, I know how hard it can be to wake up, take a shower and see new scars in the mirror...My regimin was simple, it helps with the acne, poor skin texture, hyperpigmentation, scarring, and most importantly stopping the 'spontaneous scarring'

I learned it from the brilliant posters at essential day, all it requires is alternate bedtime application of these two serums for overnight treatment, it takes about 6 - 8 weeks to stop the scarring, Vitamin C serum one night and Vitamin A cream the next, it will prevent your body from getting used to any one of them

I use Jasons Hyper-C Anti Aging for Vitamin C and Green Cream Level 9 (start at 3 or 6 first) for my Vitamin A (retinol), a little background, Im 31 now, did Accutane when I was 17, was on bp (coal tar) in my early and mid teens, get off it asap, no harsh acids either while your face is healing, i.e. no salicylic or glycolic acid, they will cause more scarring...the two items above will help with acne, healing, and scarring...it helped stop my scarring and stop all of my acne (along with demodex treatment early on)

To help reduce inflammation from current acne, you need to de-stress, reduce the adrenaline and cortisol in your system, take your mind off acne, HOPE is the most important thing by far, as for your thyroid, in the meantime try kelp based iodine...message me anytime, I can do my best to help get you going, trust me, I have seen the bottom of the barrel and have launched myself out of it

My current reg:

Eat healthy (alkaline diet and running)

Jasons Hyper-C serum

Green Cream

Fish oil, 2g a day (USP certified, high quality)

Wash face, neck, and hair with FaceDoctor Soap (which has seabuckthorn oil)

Limited poor quality protein in diet (do not eat excess cheese, whey protein, beef)

Hormone (rBST rBHG) free dairy

Lots of water, run on your stressful days, sweat out the hormones pulling you down

Greens, through smoothies or salads

Get enough sleep

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