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Dupe For The Regimen?

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Hi so let me introduce myself.my name is Jeneen I'm 13 and I have mild acne well it looks like mild acne but if you take off all the scars there's probably only about 5 pimples in different areas.my scarring takes a very long time to go away.so my history of acne started in the summer after finishing sixth grade right now I am entering eighth grade in about five days and I started getting acne after I went on vacation to miami.one of the days In miami we went swimming all day in the hotel and I forgot to wear my sunscreen repetitively I only wore it once and it was before I went swimming I didn't really think it would make in impact on my skin since I had clear skin at that time but after I was done swimming (all day) I noticed a few days after that I had small holes only visible when you look closely in the mirror but or in other words my pores appeared a bit bigger but it didnt really bother me but once I got to 7th grade about the middle of my year I started getting bad acne on my forehead and a little on my nose and whiteheads on my chin and on top of that I had oily skin which I didnt have in 6th grade and I also had these small bumps and blackheads that still to this day won't go away I squeezed a bunch over the years but some of the bumps have blackheads in it too I don't even know what they are they are just small tiny bumps they aren't whiteheads or blackheads and they aren't pimples either I also have a bunch of them on my cheeks which I got at the end of 7th grade but they aren't as noticeable as the ones on my forehead and I have blackhead bumps on my cheeks and chin too the bumps and blackheads are on the lower parts of my cheeks I don't have any pimples anymore on my forehead just bumps and a few scars not too much thanks to panoxyl which was prescribed by my doctor and it is benzoyl peroxide 10% to be honest it didnt really dry my face I don't even know why it now since my acne is gone from my forehead it has began to spread tiny pimples a little bigger than the size of a bead but smaller than a pea and now I have about 5 scars on both sides of my cheeks honestly at the end of 7th grade (June 6) I had NOTHING on my cheeks on my nose my chin (only whiteheads on my chin but they weren't noticeable cuz I have a dimple on my chin and the whiteheads are located there)I only heads bumps,blackheads,and pimples on my forehead but now I don't even know why it started to come on my cheeks.so that was a very long history of my acne and now I wanted to talk about the title that I put down I was wondering a couple days ago if I took my panoxyl (benzoyl peroxide 10%) and I took my cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer (which I don't use anymore cuz I thought it would help my acne) and I started to cleanse my face with the cetaphil like in the regimen then I put on my panoxyl just like the treatment in the regimen but that one is 2.5% benzoyl peroxide I know Dan says 10% and 5 are harsh but I've been using this product for a month and it hasn't dried my skin and after that I take the cetaphil and apply it on (its a cleanser and moisturizer) and apply it like the moisturizer in the regimen and I want to see if this will help my acne on my cheeks but I don't know if I should do it because the panoxyl is 10% and not 2.5% like the treatment in the regimen I really want to get it but my mom won't let me because she thinks it won't work like all the other things I tried except for panoxyl but ya she doesn't want to "spend money on something that doesn't work" but I really think that it could work because alot of people that it worked for had wayyy worse acne than me like cystic acne which I don't have but I think it could work anyways I wanted to do this to see you guys opinions and views on this do you think this "dupe" could work instead of buying the regimen? Should I not do it? Any suggestions? I'm really desperate for clear skin because my cousins wedding is next year and I don't want to slap on a bunch of makeup to cover up I want to have clear skin when the wedding is coming up so I'm started to try things out so I have one year to figure this out my skin is a big part of my life as stupid as that seems but when your growing up people get more judgemental.i don't really care of what people think of my skin but I just feel more confident if I had clear skin and I probably wouldn't be hesitant to wear makeup I don't wear any face makeup on my skin only eye makeup I don't wear all that crap on my skin cuz I don't want my skin to be worse than ever.thank you guys I hope I get helpful replies back!

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this was kind of difficult to read because there were no spaces hah .. buuuut if you really want to use the BP on the regimen, have you showed your mom the success stories and before/after photos? I really think it would change her mind on you giving it a chance. I do not feel there is a dupe for the BP on the regimen, it's not as harsh as other BPs I've used in the past, especially paired with a good moisturizer. I hope your mom changes her mind, good luck.

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The Regimen works best when you follow it precisely. If you use other bp strengths or products that aren't recommended, we don't know what kind of results you may get.

Also, I don't know of any Cetaphil product that doubles as both a cleanser and moisturizer. If you are referring to the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, it is merely a cleanser (a lotion non-lathering cleanser, but still meant to wash the skin and not really meant to be a stand-alone moisturizer). If you like Cetaphil products you can try Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion.

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