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Got Solodyn Pills, Nervous About Taking Them, Want Advice...?

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Hi all,

I'm a 22 year old girl, and my acne started when I was about 11 or 12. I'd say it's moderate-severe on my cheeks, and mild on my shoulders. I've tried a lot of over-the-counter treatments for it, but I finally went into a dermatologist for the first time yesterday. She wasn't a doctor, but a doctor's assistant or something?

Anyway, she prescribed me Ziana as a topical treatment, which I've been fine with. But then she also prescribed me 80mg of Solodyn, which I've been too nervous to take. I've been reading a lot of horror stories about Solodyn (which I know I probably shouldn't do) that have been scaring me, for one thing, but I also looked up the weight chart for Solodyn and found out that I should actually be taking about 55mg...? She didn't weigh me before prescribing anything, which I didn't realize until after I picked up the pills.

Truth be told, though, I'd still be a little nervous about taking them even at 55mg. I was raised by a mother who strongly and angrily discouraged non-natural remedies unless it was vital, and even though I've never had an adverse reaction to antibiotics before, I still can't help but get super anxious about unfamiliar products. Plus, after doing more research, I've found that antibiotics might only be a temporary fix anyway, and that the acne can come back worse. So is it really worth it to go through this when I'm a little beyond the point of saying "maybe I'll grow out of it soon"? Or are antibiotics more for just getting it under control so that you can fight it with something else...?

I'm feeling sort of lost. The doctor's office is closed for the weekend, and I don't really know anyone who can give me advice, so now I'm here. Help...

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