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my acne is just a bunch of very small bumps USUALLY they aren't actual pimples occasionally they are but it is usually small dots. They are all over and pretty hard to get rid of. PLEASE HELP, I really want to know how to improve my face as I have been struggling with it for three years. (sorry they are kinda hard to see)



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To me your skin looks great!! I'd classify that as mild acne as you only have a few inflamed pimples, the rest are non-inflammatory. Acne that mild usually responds well to facewashes and acne treatments that you can buy in a drugstore so I don't know what you're using now but maybe try a facewash with salicylic acid e.g the Neutrogena brand have some or try Clearasil/Freederm. (Remember to use a good oil free moisturiser as well if you try a facewash- Neutrogena has a good one that doesn't clog pores and fights acne at the same time, brands like Simple also do light moisturisers for sensitive skin. You can also find good topical acne creams by these brands and many others, have a good look at what's available and read reviews online etc). If you're still worried about your acne and don't feel this will be enough then visit your GP who might prescribe you a topical cream.

Don't worry about your skin- take it from someone who's suffered from moderate persistent acne for six years- your skin really isn't bad at all! :)

Best wishes and good luck!

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