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Peas And Oil Cleansing : Work Great!

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Hi : ) I wanted to make a short update on my regimen. It is almost 3 months since I made my first sugar detox (no fruits), than I introduced berries and some buckwheat, beans. I found out I have a blood sugar problem, as I broke out around 2 weeks after I introduced this foods on a regular basis. If I try to eat something like brown rice or apples or bananas etc. I break out immediately with an itchy acne. i also have some hormonal problems that I am not sure to 100% about, but I am exploring my body.

SO, I am now on my very low GI diet: practically no fruits, no grains, no beans, just meat, fish, loads of vegs and sometimes sweet potatoes.

The last week I introduced peas in my diet and I eat about 750 g peas (home cooked) a day. My skin improved A LOT. I dont really know if this could have such a big impact on the skin, but as I read the ingredients it seems to be full of nutritients and blood sugar regulating enzymes (after a google search :D ).

I also started to oil cleanse about 2 weeks ago. I do it only with safflower oil, as my skin is a bit dry. This got rid of some red marks and I am glowing. I steam my face with a hot cloth, than I put my face with the cloth on over a pot with boiling water in order to keep it warm for about 10-15 mins. and I put about 3 times oil, as my skin soaks it up. After that I tone my skin with ACV and put neem oil.

Not only my skin is glowing, my small scars fade even more, if I have a pimple (very rare with this diet), it heals overnight after I oil cleanse.

I know I will have problems until I cure my hormonal problem, but in less than 3 months I achieved results my family and friends can NOT believe. So keep trying, SOMETHING WILL work for you : )

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