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This accutane thing is kicking my butt....and im also a hypochondriac so dont mind me for posting a million times. its now almost a month in on accutane and im getting big painful underground cyst lumps on my chin and one on my forehead. i never usually get these....is this a normal initial breakout ...i mean i got three huge ones on my chin and im scared more are to come...usually when i watch the accutane journey the chin clears up first but mine looks like a warzone

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Before I started taking accutane I would usually get a cyst every few weeks/months. I never had more than one cyst active at a time pre-tane. Since taking accutane I've had at least 7 cysts, so yes, I would assume it's fairly normal that you're getting cysts that early into your course. Just brave it out and it'll be worth it in the end. Today, my skin is more or less clear (apart from the red marks) and I'm half way through my 3rd month.

Good luck!

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Yes - it is normal to have a pretty bad initial outbreak with acne you don't normally see - at least, it was in my case. I had 4 or 5 large nodules all sprout at one time, plus regular pimples. I even got a huge one on my scalp (I never get acne there, so that was weird). However, that doesn't mean you can't do anything about it you are worried about scarring. My dermatologist gave me cortisone shots for the large painful cysts, and a 7-day pack of azythromicen. I think it really helped to reduce the severity of the initial flare-up.

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