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Doxycycline +Tretinoin Cream + Clindamycin Lotion Log

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So I decided to start a sort of log of my doxcycline experience, and also where I can get some help/advice.

I have only been experiencing moderate to severe acne this past summer (for the past 3 months). I am 19, almost 20, and used proactive throughout high school. It kept my skin average, I never had perfect flawless skin but it was never that much of a problem (not nearly as bad as it is now). So at the beginning of June I decided to go off because my results weren't awesome and it's pricey so I though I could use something cheaper, never anticipating what came next. I went through pretty much everything (clean and clear, cetaphil, Neutragina, etc) I even went to an aestisician where I got some high quality products. I like her products a lot (a 3% BP cleanser and also a sal acid cleanser), but by the time i got them skin was so congested and irritated the products couldn't clear it alone. So after many tears shed, and a lot of depression I finally went to the derm. I was prescribed 100mg doxy 2x a day, tretinoin cream at night and clindamycin lotion in the am. I've been on it a week.

Most of my acne is on cheeks, but got a pretty bad breakout on my chin a few weeks ago that is taking a while to clear up. My forehead has no really live pimples, but a lot of little bumps that are not very appealing. Well, pretty much my whole face has these little bumps that are so annoying. Since doxy and the other meds I've noticed more and more zits on my cheeks coming up, and so everything looks a little worse than it did before.

Sorry for this being so long, but if anyone has suggestions or advice please let me know! I go back to School in 3 weeks and am hoping for even slight improvement. This really has destroyed my confidence.

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