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no i havent got beaten up yet bcs of my acne but shits so ridiculous, i actually got my nose disfigured today...

suddenly out of nothing just somekinda large red lump grew in the middle of my nose, making it look like its hooked..

all i did today was eating healthy and moisturise my face...

mom just made fun of me saying i have majestic roman nose now or some shit like that =.=

if it doesnt go away i will srsly die, i dont have money for no injections or nose surgerys...

weirdly its not painful like usually forming cysts are, its just like inflammed lump of skin, idk wht exactly is that shit...

i just cant.

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what its gonna do? i already cleanse and put on mud masks etc. i dont think moisturiser is the prob at all either bcs i never had any before...just no soup is not needed at all, its useless...

help! it is still there! my nose just looks freaking hooked af omg ><

i cant we have towns festivity in 3 days and then some pal asked me to go to club and my mom is pressuring me to get job so much, but with such face i can go just to hell, idk what to do!!! omg what to do!

can i ice it all day? will it help?

what else can i do???

it doesnt cointain pus it seems, its just somekinda retarded lump of puffed up skin, how to get it off asap?

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lmao i just realised..


i swear it was unintentionally bt hey wtv now, it went down in 4 days (4 days of my life wasted looking with a hump nose tho) bt ofc redmark has been left n spot is kinda rough dry texture, bit scaby still

i just applied zinc cream 2x n iced 1x ( 1 full cube) n nothing rly happened then after 2 days of doing nothing it went down...

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