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New Here, Not To Acne

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I have struggled with acne since I was 13 years of age. I am now 26. My acne has gotten a lot better since so I'm thankful for that, but now I struggle with cystic acne in the chin area. I have been on birth control for the past few years to regulate my cycle and ease the cramps a little as well as a few cysts I had in my ovaries. I have been on topicals and antibiotics and they worked pretty well. Right now I am on Acanya (AM), Tazorac (PM), Pan Oxyl (10%), I was on the Bactrim but have stopped it ( I got a UTI a year ago with resistant bacteria). I am now off the birth control since my Insurance will no longer cover it and its too expensive with my husband's insurance. Anyhow, I am going nuts trying to control my cystic acne. My derm was going to put me on spiro or accutane, but honestly I am a little worried about the side effects and the fact that he stressed a lot about how I couldn't get pregnant (which we aren't planning any time soon, but what about the unexpected?). I get a feeling my acne is hormonal since it is located all along my chin area, a few on the upper lip every once in a while, corner of my nose. So, I plan on sticking with my topicals and cleaning up my diet a lot! I eat very poorly! I am trying my very best to stay away from dairy and some gluten. I currently started taking the following:

Liver support

Burdock root




Vegan Protein

Fish oils

Detox tea

Continuing with the acanya, tazorac, pan oxyl, and ziana (when I need something milder). I really hope this works. I want to stay off birth control and antibiotics and any other oral meds. But is there anyone that can relate to my regimen/situation? I am so fed up with acne. I cry a few times a week because of the emotional and physical pain of the cysts. I don't want to keep returning to my derm for injections. They aren't always numerous but right now I have about 7. There are times throughout the day when I feel like just calling my dermatologist and agreeing to the spiro, but then I'm not quite sure.

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