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Turmeric & Coconut Oil Mask

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Hi, I have made an account because I think I owe the people of this site for all of the information I have used over the last 4 + years I've had adult acne.

1 and 1/2 weeks ago I had a full face of under skin bumps. About 4 or 5 big inflamed pimples and about 8 smaller ones. I also have freckles and pink scars. Acne caused me depression and many tears. I have tried everything except accutane as I have a history of depression. Epi duo helped the spots lessen by 30 % but it took 13 weeks n was a right pain between dryness oiliness cycles, tenderness, bleaching pillows and redness. I think I don't react well with benzoyl peroxide tho as it gives me more under skin bumps every time I've used it and it make me itchy. Many of the other things ultimately did nothing. Contraceptive pill makes it worse n so does estro block, but saw palmetto and zinc both help a bit.

Turmeric ! I bought a little glass spice tub from ASDA with my shopping ! I mixed it with coconut oil which I have found prevents cold sores if used as lip balm before bed (over 1 year without a sore) so made sense to add to. I left it on for 20 mins n I couldn't get the stain off my face or hands. ! So I washed it with a garnier 3 in 1 salcylic acid scrub that I'd discarded previously as it didn't help ance alone. It faded the yellow to the point of nearly normal. After my face was a little red and tight feeling, my pores looked open n a bit raw and I thought oh no !! After an hour tho I passed the mirror n they closed up and my face looked more even in colour n the big spots a bit smaller and dryer. The next morning it looked better again I didn't do anything but wash my face with a tiny bit of mild wash before bed. I was going to leave it and bask in the improvement but I couldn't resist the feeling that it may help more so I did it again. When I came to the raw face open pore part I could see loads of black heads too ! So I used egg whites mixed up on my face, lay loo roll on forehead cheeks chin nose n put more egg white on top n let it fully dry (45 mins) this makes pore strips if you've never tried it. When I pulled them off there was so many black heads on the tissue. I read that if u squeeze a black head you should put salcylic on to get rid of any gunk left in the pore to avoid infection so I washed with the scrub again but didn't scrub it. Open raw pores again with big improvement after an hour and the next morning honest to god I cried. The bumps under skin were going drastically big pimples except 1 had almost gone and the pink scars that weren't even a priority coz my active spots were so bad had faded. I've done this almost every day, some days just spot treating spots and scars n some days that I see black heads using egg white pore strips. No moisturiser tiny tiny bit of coconut oil only, the one or 2 times I felt dry.

I'm 28 female I thought I would spend the rest of my life with acne but I'm so glad to say I've found my miracle it's not 100% but its heading that way. Family has noticed n I've been out without make up I could happily live with it staying just as it is right now n its only been a week n 1/2. It may not be other peoples miracle but its defo cheap n easy enough to give it a go incase it could be. But be warned it will stain stuff so take care.

I think my acne started from hormonal spots that spread when I messed picked n tried to get rid of them. I don't no if its true but coconut oil is anti bacterial plus like attracts like in oils, turmeric is antibacterial and anti fungal. Sulphur in egg whites may have helped as well as the gentle extraction it gave. The salcylic acid face wash was used to target left over pore gunk. I don't want to put my face on the internet really n I delete the really bad pics but I will see if I can find one n dig it out minus eyes or something. I have one after a few days n I can take one now.

Sorry for this long post n I know its only a relatively short time but I've always wondered why these treatments don't make at least some improvements until months in the future I know skin take so long to go through a cycle but skin sheds n renews at different rates so surely some of it would be effected positively quite soon in?

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isn't it just the best feeling when you finally find something that works? i'm happy for you :) :)

I have been adding turmeric to my bentonite clay masks and didn't really notice anything different with that so I am definitely going to try adding it in to my oil cleanse. too bad my skin hates coconut oil :( it smells so nice.

and WOW, how come i've never heard of this homemade pore strip thing?

i'm excited to try this

for me, I can usually tell whether a topical treatment is going to do good or be detrimental within a day of using it.

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