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Desperately Seeking Folliculitis Advice

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I've been having a very stubborn case of confirmed folliculitis, and I want to get a few opinions on maybe what else I could talk to my doctor and dermatologist about, because they are on the verge of giving up. To start I'll say that this isn't my first bout of folliculitis. I had an infection when I was sixteen. They at first gave me two courses of antibiotics. After those they told me it was now a fungal infection and gave me fungal cream and it went away. Now through the years, spots of come back, but would go away shortly.

Now the bulk of my problems started in May. I contracted a very lovely tinea infection on my arms and then legs. They gave me fungal medication for that and it went away. Within a week later new spots developed on my legs. Went back to the doctors they said no, it can't be tinea again and he said just use some cortisone cream on them. They didn't go away, so they gave me antibiotics. The spots still didn't go away so they sent me to a derm. Shave biopsy confirmed folliculitis, so she put me on antibiotics and antimicrobial lotion. During this time I suggested it could be fungal. They didn't think so but they gave me some fungal cream, it seemed to help some but not a whole lot of improvement. They have only given me one difulcan pill, but that was during the time I was also taking the second antibiotic.

I’m at my wits end. I’ve spent a ton of money in doctor and derm visits and the meds and now they are saying that I probably just have a version with no cause and that may never go away. In all my research, I have never come upon a type of folliculitis that has no cause that lasts for this long. I’m devastated because I feel like they’re throwing in the towel to soon and that there could be other possibilities, especially because new spots keep appearing, and not just on my legs. It's spreading to my chest and belly,and they are itchy. I have from the beginning though that this was a type of fungal folliculitis, since antibiotics aren’t helping and actually seemed to make it worse. However they did a PAS stain and it didn't reveal anything. They also can't culture any of the bumps because they aren't big enough.

So my question to you all is that is there something we’re missing? Is there something else that could be the cause of this? Could this still be fungal somehow?

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