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Hi guys, recently I read up of taking Vitamin B5 (Panthonetic Acid) In large doses. From what I could gather it works in a similar way to Accutane (greatly reduces oil production). I decided to try B5 as I tried accutane and it worked incredibly well and cleared up a great deal of my acne but I am not allowed on for a second course due to the severe side effects I experienced during my course.

After researching B5 and Acne, I realised that there were many records of hair loss in people who had taken large amounts of B5. Obviously I was worried about this so I found out that supposedly if you take L Cysteine it counter acts the threat of hair loss by ensuring your L-Cysteine levels stay at a good amount.

Any idea's on whether there is any truth to this? I'm currently taking.

4X500mg B5, (Timed Release) 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening.

1 X 600mg L- Cysteine. (In the form of N - Acetyl Cysteine)

A variety of other supplements, Cod liver oil, vitamin C, Zinc.

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I took the pantothenic acid upto five a day and saw no results. Also took l-cysteine and still do and have not seen any results. Took both together for over a year. Tried evening primrose, starflower oil, zinc, green tea capsules, vit c 3,000mg a day currently with no results. Tried anything and everything and I'm finally accepting that roaccutane is my only option and will commence this in September. Tried antibiotics such as minocycline and augementin and again these

Did not work.

It's soul destroying finding what works but keep trying as what does not work for one person make work for another. Tbh quinoderm face wash worked for me for about four month and then it was discontinued. Found it on eBay but not purchasing it as it could be anything!! Good luck with finding something that works!

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