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Regimen (i invented the remix)

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hello everybody,

well like most of you i have tried many-many MANY! things to clear up my acne, all un-successfull, and the latest thing i have been doing is Proacitv Solution, i saw it on tv and read about it.. it seemed alright, and the only step after this is Accutane, and the side effects turn me away..

i have tried oral antibiotics.. cream antibiotics, i went to a natriopath and tried his... herb.. mixture.. stuff and cream, all those different washes and scrubs, NOTHING!, if anything it got worse, now this Proactiv solution.. so far its not working out so well, not good.. but not bad, just no results, and i really wanted results, seeing as it cost me around 90$ for one shipment because im in Canada and there is all these handling charges and other BS, "39.99$" MY ASS!

then one night i was searching and i found this site.. hm...

i read about it, watched the little movies and such.. and Dan isnt selling anything, so how can this go wrong?! sure sounds like he knows what hes talking about.

then i remember that the Proactiv cream ALSO has 2.5% BP, so instead of just lightly spready a small amount on effceted areas of the skin(which i have been doing for 2 weeks) i lathered on a finger full, at first it aggravated my acne, for a few minutes, but 15-20minutes later, and this is no lie: the redness seemed to GREATLY reduce. i could see my old face!, of course this passed. but that is the sectret. lots and lots of BP 2.5%!!

it REALLY works, this is only my 2nd day of using it and i can see a difference, not only in my acne.. but my un-effected areas around the acne seem to be blending.. so blemishs are less visible, im going to cancel the order, for a full refund! (within 60days), my opinion to ANYONE out there, is if your doctor or derma or whatever says, get off all your other shit and do this.

i can already see results after only 2 days with alot of BP(like.. peanut butter!?)

no silly, Benzoyl Peroxide


I use the cleanser provided with proactiv, then use the 2.5%BP "repairing lotion"

and yes my skin is feeling more tight and it is peeling in some spots because of the PB.. i just gota boost the mosturizer, im using Aveeno, its non comegoelinanelne..i..enc.. it doesnt clog pores. and i would rather have dry skin then acne. wouldnt you? how can you fix dry skin? mosturizer... how can you fix acne? you cant, but you can prevent it with this regimen!

i wish i saw this site a year ago when my acne started

thanks dan!!!!! im not gona post a journal dealie but ill come back and post the "main events"

AND-> no im not paid to do this, im not dan, if you know what having acne is like and you think something is actually gona make it go away, its exciting, and you want to share it, why do you think this non profit site is here in the first place?


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my skin got really irritated.. i think i was using too much BP, although i was getting great results, my skin was kinda red at times (not bad red, almost appeard like a tan) and the bad bad was my skin became VERY dry, so i skipped the BP for a day and a half and just sloshed on mosturizer, my skin is back how it was, acne is gettin worse because of lack of BP,

i just gota find a better balance between the two,

NOTE: i have noticed not alot of people have acne on there upper cheeks, like under the eyes, make sure you dont get BP in there, below my eyes is where it was REALLY red, and i didnt have acne there in the first place, so when i was "rubbing" the BP into my skin without noticing i massaged it into those aread where it really wasnt necissary

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since last post my acne has only goten worse....

i have more visible pimples on my forhead than i have for 3+months (i cant remember)

my acne is getting worse on my neck.. where i used to have NONE!!

me cheeks/jawline looks a little better then it did a week ago,

but then again to be honest with myself i cant REALLY notice a difference...


i hope i die

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