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Hi, I've been on the regimen since March and I've seen pretty fair results. School is starting next week, and I made the mistake of getting concert tickets on the night of the first full school day. I wake up and do my regimen at 6 every morning, and there's a chance that I might not get back until 2 in the morning that night! If I do the regimen at 2 will I suffer from really bad results? I only do Bp and aha at night nowadays ( because of dryness), and I cleanse and moisturize in the morning, so it's not like I'm applying a bunch of Bp in a short amount of time. Should I expect skin trouble the next day? I'm also in marching band, and some days I don't get home until 9, so that's a 15 hour spread of time. Could that also spell trouble?

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I would say it'd be best to skip it at night. If you are going to be washing your face in the morning, you don't want to be doing it at 2 AM when you get home and then again in 4 hours at 6 AM. Just my opinion though. :)

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You may just want to do The Regimen before you go to the concert that night, then you won't do anything but go to bed when you get home.

Just do the best you can with the time frame, while 10-12 hours apart is ideal we do realize it isn't always possible. Do it in the morning then again in the evening each day and you should see results.

Hope that helps.

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