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If you would have told me in middle school i'd be dipping my foot into modeling I would have laughed in your face. It's nothing serious more of a hobby in the summer but, I've been contacted by a great photographer in Portland to work with. I've never worked with a higher end photographer before. Here comes the hard part, I definitely feel that I should tell him about the acne scars on the temples of my face. His reaction can go either way, and i'm just really nervous about it. When people look at me I seem pretty confident but I spend a great deal of time putting make up on my face to cover up the insecurities I have with my skin, and the scars are un-concealable. I looked at his work and all the girls he photographs look beautiful and like they have flawless skin (photoshop?) either way I can't envision myself as one of those girls.

I haven't posted in here in a while, and I know the fashion industry is shallow. I also know my skin and be photoshopped but I still feel this ghost of my severe acne years making me hesitate.

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hey darlin. i can so relate to what you're saying - i was scouted, invited to paris, etc. etc. and i was like.... uuugggghhhhh. because polaroids are standard for models, and no makeup is standard for polaroids. i ended up not pursuing it, and i super regret it! anyway. i totally understand feeling like your skin is holding you back.

that said, you are not the only beautiful young woman in the world with acne scarring. plenty of models have struggled with acne while maintaining very successful careers (caroline trentini was on accutane!) and so plenty of models have scarring. here's the thing - yes, as you guessed, photoshop is standard. plus, professional photographers use lighting and framing techniques that makes things bright and clear - as a side effect, skin issues are often barely/not noticeable.

should you let the photographer know? well, that's up to you - it's not a huge deal but if it makes you feel more comfortable, i say get it over with so you don't have to be nervous about it at the shoot.

p.s. i'm sure you've already done this, but just in case - make sure to research this guy! modelling is not the safest thing to do, especially if it's not with an agency. be safe and have fun <3 <3

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hi aspiring model. if I may give you my opinion, you are very pretty in your pic and I can see why you could be on your way to a modeling career. Just reading about the concerns you have with your skin and was wondering if you had ever tried the acne practice ? From what I have seen with acne practice, it works well on stubborn skin and this is talking from experience with my wife. She has struggled for years and tried it all and used expensive makeup to cover the flaws. Not anymore after being on the acne bootcamp with a doctor named Dr Neal. In all honestly, I encourage you to go to the acne practice website and look into this. The treatment really works and could be what you are missing all this time. Try not to get frustrated and lose hope. you are a beautiful girl and its not hard to stare at your pic :) Let me know what you think once you have checked it out. But check it with an open mind and with the comfort that it worked for us.

talk soon

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Ok I sent him this message after he sent me a link to his pinterest of what he wanted to shoot.

"Yes I like your vision. I just wanted to disclose to you that I do have some acne scarring on the temples of my face, i'm not sure if this is a deterrent to you as a photographer or not? If it is I understand. "

Part of me just wanted to show up and be so charming that he could see me and look past my scars but I posted in one of the forums asking others what I should do and most of the photographers said it would be best to know before hand. So I decided this was best. Now I'm just dreading his response.

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