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Should I Continue Taking Apple Cider Vinegar - Diarrhea And Heartburns

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Hey guys,

So I tried Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar since I had heard loads about it. I tried it 3 days ago and have been taking 1 tbsp in the morning and evening with water. At first I thought it was helping me clear up but today, on the third day, I got 5 or 6 little whiteheads around my mouth. Also, last night when I was sleeping, I woke up (semi-conscious) and was finding it hard to breath because every breath was causing this sharp pain in my heart and I guess I was experiencing heart burn.

This morning (third day of ACV) I had another tbsp of it with water and few hours later I got diarrhea.

Now I am really reconsidering if I should keep using this or not. Is this something I should deal with for the next week or so or should I just give up on this?

Please let me know.


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I would stop taking it, it shouldn't be doing that. You could try diluting it in water and then applying it topically like a toner. I find that works better for oily skin and acne. I do drink it during allergy season because it's the only thing that helps with my allergies. You could maybe try taking half a tablespoon and mixing it in a cup of water when you drink it and see if that helps. But for ME, not too many things are worthy of getting heartburn and diarrhea for...

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Yes, it sounds like you might be too acidic already or like you perhaps could try switching to methods to heal permeable gut syndrome (digestive enzymes, probiotics, anti-inflammatory diet good suggestions here http://curezone.com/forums/am.asp?i=947189.)

yeah that's what i thought too maybe i already am quite acidic. i'm trying probiotics but considering ive been on antibiotics for almost 2 years it will take time to heal.

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hi! I gotta say acv scared me!

I also tried acv for about a week and one morning I started blacking out in bed before I even stood up! I quickly made my way to the kitchen and grabbed a banana (i had a huge craving for them) which leads me to believe the acv made me potassium deficient. I had an insane craving for bananas for about a week after I ceased the acv.

though I did not have any of the side effects you explained, speaking from my personal experience.. be careful! maybe eat a banana if you're feeling weird!

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